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Can’t wait to get this book baby out into the world! As always, it’s been a long road with seemingly endless writing, rewriting and editing process. I say ‘seemingly’, because this is purely a feeling I get, every time. It’s only been about six months since book 1 in this series (Nest or Invest) came out, and I know those traditionally publishing will have to wait many times longer to share their book with readers – which is really the point of all this in the first place, right? We don’t write for agents or publishers, or even the critics. At least I don’t. I write for people who enjoy romantic, sexy, fun, heart-wrenching stories. And this latest one I’m hoping, is all of those.

Here’s the blurb:


Can one Cinderella night change Marnie’s life forever?

Nearly 40, divorced and newly diagnosed with chronic illness, Marnie is ready to hide away forever. Tea. Blankets. A remote cabin. The last thing on her mind is a whirlwind love affair amidst a political scandal.

A rising political superstar, Jason is on a mission to fix New Zealand’s housing crisis. If only he could sleep. Haunted by guilt, he stares at the ceiling every night, his goals slipping away with his health and sanity. Until a solution arrives in the shape of a woman. She holds the key to everything. His sleep. His libido. His career. When she disappears, he’s desperate to find her again.

But as Jason falls for the woman of his dreams (pun intended), he discovers how much really stands in the way of their happily ever after.