Hi! I’m Enni.

I write sweet & sexy romantic comedies set in New Zealand and beyond. I love complex characters, fascinating locations, high tension, and wanderlust-inducing adventure. Each of my books is its own little universe and explores a unique theme. Please join me on my author journey! ❤️

New Release Coming out in June!!

My Lucky Star is a spicy rom-com about rediscovering passion when your dreams have failed you. It’s also a story of all that is hot and Turkish: men, tea, kebabs… Like a Dizi (Turkish TV series) in book form but with a lot more heat.

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Finland has a nickname and it’s not a cute one. The moniker ‘Rule-Finland’ must have been coined in the last 16 years we’ve been away. On this last trip to my old home country, I've learned both the nickname and what it truly means. The answer is three-fold. 1. Don’t...