Nest or Invest

All is fair in love and real estate, right?

Single mum Shasa Daniels is heartbroken when she discovers her landlord is selling her rental home to Mac McCarthy, a hotshot developer known for replacing old villas with luxury condos. Determined to stop him, Shasa gathers her friends to outbid him and build community housing instead.

Mac, the man in thousand-dollar shoes, isn’t as financially stable as he makes out. This deal promises to secure his future, until Shasa the eco-warrior stands in his way.

Each will do what it takes to succeed. He barges in on her community meeting. She crashes his improv group. But, Shasa quickly finds out spying on a guy this hot is a lot like playing with fire. Can her newly discovered love of acting, and their on-stage chemistry, bridge the gap between their two worlds?

Heat level: Sweet/steamy

Christmas in July (a novella)

A short & sweet one-hour read – perfect with a hot drink!

As Riley scores a job on a feature film, she’s eager to prove herself to Damian, the famous director she can’t stop thinking about. When they fly to Queenstown, New Zealand, to film on the snowy mountains in July, she’s ready for any discomfort. What she’s not ready for is a snowstorm that cuts her off from the rest of the crew or an unexpected visitor who seeks shelter in her cabin.

Any other girl would love to cozy up with Jonas, a gorgeous ski instructor carrying bags of party food. Not Riley. She’s desperate to get back to her job, back to Damian. The last thing she’s looking for is a protective Swedish guy telling her what she can and can’t do. But as things start to slip out of her control, Riley is forced to rethink her priorities.

Heat level: Sweet


A Tiny House on Wheels

A sweet, funny romance set in rural New Zealand.

Nina is 36, single, and running out of time to start a family. She quits her advertising job, and moves into a small coastal town, in a tiny house on wheels. Surely, the laid back country life with organic veggies will turn back the clock for her. Now, she only has to find the right guy–and it can’t be her odd, new neighbour who doesn’t want kids. No matter how hot he is. This time, Nina is determined to follow the plan, not her heart.

Jay is used to solitary life. After his father’s death, he tries to keep the farm running, even if he’s more comfortable with the veggies than people. But who needs social skills? In the backside of Raglan, nothing ever happens. Until a cute, Finnish blonde moves into the neighbouring lot, in a ridiculous tiny house. Can Jay work out his issues and take a chance on the most exotic thing that’s ever walked into his life?

Work, life, love and all those other big questions that vex us are tackled in this humorous and thought-provoking book, which will stay with you long after you reach the end.

Heat level: Sweet

Coffee on Waihi Beach

A sweet & clean romance with a side of adventure.

When 23-year-old Ingrid uproots her life to track down her long-lost father in New Zealand, romance is the last thing on her mind. But then she lands a job at a local café — and meets gorgeous barista Declan.

A product of a holiday fling, Ingrid is not planning to have one. But plans are hard to keep when every day brings a new set of challenges, like sharing a sleeper van with a strange German girl, or approaching a celebrity who may or may not be your father. But, the hardest of all feats is resisting the charms of Declan.

A law student from a wealthy family, Declan attracts women without even trying. To ease his guilt over a past incident, he decides to help his awkward friend Kurt win the girl for once. Kurt has fallen in love, again. This time with the cute traveller Ingrid – a girl with secrets, and a penchant for getting in trouble. She’s intriguing. But, Declan can be a good friend. He can let this one go. Or, can he?

From the coffee culture to Kiwi style flirting, everything In New Zealand is new and exciting. It’s going to be summer, and Christmas, to remember.

A feel-good, sweet rom-com set against the dreamy, silvery backdrop of New Zealand East Coast.

Heat level: Clean/sweet